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E-Commerce & Commodities:
Commodity market holds high potential for making profit. Operations here can produce good income if you follow up carefully economics and development of countries and big companies that are the main players in various products manufacture and sales. This is an attractive field to boost money to investors. If you decided to invest your funds but do not know the correct way to do that "BEST US TOKEN" proprietary trading company will help you. Our operational activities are grounded on market thoroughful study and analysis.

Market trades: Metals; Oil products; Livestock products; Energy supplies; Forest and textile goods.

This trading scope is not newbies. You will need expertise and knowledge here. On commodity markets there are big risks to lose money since one of parties might not fulfill undertaken obligations. The principal vantage of commodity trading is hedge against inflation. However interest is missing here.

An investor would better reach out to experts rather than start trading independently since to trade you have to get license and submit all reacquired papers to a stock exchange. Even if you have an access to trades this does not mean that you can make money now. You will face lots of risks to lose all your assets should you invest wrong. To get stable profit you have to study market and its behavior in details, have deal making experience as well as establish the client database. Your money will work in a more effective way if you entrust your funds to experts.

Our company's operational activities are strictly regulated. For trades we only use reliable and functional platforms. Those are steady platforms with minimum delays and wide range of tools. If we outline a long-term strategy it is a must to us to perform a deep analysis of a used sector.

Our opportunities allow the investor for access to various type accounts: Mini; Micro; Standard; Professional.

The account type offered by us will depend on funds amount provided for deposit. The professional account holds a more wide range of tools, lower point spreads and bonuses.

We facilitate all types deals with real commodities: Cash deals; Forward deals; Term deals; Barter deals.

They are made basing on products with identified quantity of raw materials, its value and delivery time.

Our experts use the so-called bullish and bearish strategies. In the first case they purchase futures and later sell them at greater price. The difference in deal values is the profit. While practicing the other strategy securities value gets undercharged to boost demand for them.

Prior to using these strategies we analyse market sentiment precisely. Publishing of the particular company's annual report is interest to apply bearish strategy. At value decrease shares get sold out in time and then purchased at low value. To make this strategy work trader's buy shares in large quantities and then launch them on the market which causes prices drop. Bullish strategy requires active share purchase to show their value and boost the growth. Those that are able to combine these and other strategies create positive market conditions for themselves and start making profit.

"BEST US TOKEN" company is qualified trader's team that has flawless analytics and thanks to good feel for market will allow you to increase profit at various commodity transactions.
Profitable trading on Forex is the main target of "BEST US TOKEN" company. As a professional proprietary trading company we deal with stock trading. Forex trading platform became the basic platform to us where our company started development. Over many years of how to make profit studies we determined the most effective strategies that are being upgraded continuously through implementation of advanced computer programs into operational activities.

Unlike newbies and bad reputation trader's our company's experts work exceptionally within the framework of outlined trading concept. This ensures us make stable profit irrespective of market state.

Our vantage is having a large quantity of assets that we make good profit at. It is wrong to assume if you possess good financial funds you can proceed on your own in securities purchasing and selling. You have to spend a lot of time to see the market operational principals and the most effective required tools.

It is natural that the training process takes not couple of weeks and not even couple of months. To become an expert in this scope you have to work a lot and be ready to get new information constantly. This are analytical activities that a trader apply daily. If you have capital but you are not ready to spend a lot of time to get trained you can select to be an investor. With our company's help you can entrust your capital to our trader's that will help it grow for sure.

We make profit by constantly adjusting to current market conditions. The strategies outlined by us get updated all the time in order to keep up with trades schedules and potential risks. Before putting a strategy into operation we estimate its average efficiency. At that we take into account studies of cases that happened on stock exchange earlier.

All our trader's are strictly in line with a selected strategy. Our employees analytical thinking and they act not by intuition but basing on collected and detailed analysed information. We do not pursue an aim to make maximum profit all time.

To make profit on Forex our trader's use the best trading tools. They are not intended to grasp each possible deal. Instead of that they have to find those ones that will turn as profitable as possible. This requires time, patience and constant market monitoring. If we use leverage in trades which ensures higher chance to make profit then we are completely sure that committed actions will give output. We apply this tool rarely as our deposit amount allows for major amount trades.

On Forex market our experts studied all possible risks and this insures our trader's against failure trades. It is obligatory to us to use "Stop loss" system that closes a deal automatically at the best selling moment. Before applying a new trading strategy we always test it under risk free trading conditions.
Futures are complicated tools to make profit at. They are required to reduce risks of movements in assets value in the future. There are physically-settled and estimated futures. In the first case it is used to receive the product in a particular time and in the other one it assumes the asset purchase in order to make profit off of its past and future value difference. "BEST US TOKEN" company is well skilled in this trading field. Each investor can rely on us and offer to use his funds to make stable profit though favourable futures sales by our trader's.

Future trading gives access to important markets which means to have a chance of good profit. We imply an opportunity to purchase futures for oil, grain, metals and other fast-moving consumer goods. This allows for assets diversification and various strategies design.

To be sure in making big profit it is offered to take a major leverage here. This is an attractive offer to all trader's. Though only professionals can apply leverage with minimal risks. While it is a fast way to lose all to newbie investors. While trading futures you can face low costs and high liquidity. Our experienced trader's realize these assets instantly with minimum spreads and commission payments. Constant market situation followup allowseven to make profit off of momentary value fluctuation. We can make more than 100 deals a day.

Anyone can try his hand in independent trading . But not all reach success since you need expertise and knowledge to make right decisions. If you want to invest your savings to futures trading you would better pass this on to experts. We will help grow your funds with no risks. Our team includes only qualified specialists that know what strategy is better to be used in different cases. The main success of each trader that wants to make profit at futures is understanding prices formation process and their change in the future. This requires good knowledge of market operations, hidden hazards and a particular strategy used in each specific case. It is essential to study not only market but also trades participants.

If you want to invest to futures purchase you would better request assistance from experts that know well the terminology and constantly look into new information on market situation. Our employees do monitoring on a continuous basis and allows to develop the correct approach to work.

You can take any decision quickly but to make profit off of it for the investor our company's trader's spend a lot of time for analysis of current situation on stock exchanges.

To move proactively and develop our each employee passes qualification upgrade. During any training they get psychological guidance since its requires not only knowledge and information to make a precise decision. You have to be able to stop in right time and close the deal to eliminate any possible risks.

Long ago we tested various strategies to make profit at futures. We took advantage only of the most effective ones as well as developed ways to make constant profit for our investors.
Stock market:
To make profit at shares information and knowledge are not enough. You have to be able to use them in practice and act quickly and with cool mind. Many people lose their funds because of wrong holdup or short-lived decision. If you as an investor want to enter market then you need assistance of a more experienced player. "BEST US TOKEN" company has at its disposal good financial funds and man power that allows for stable profit regardless of a current economy state. Expertise and correctly developed strategies eliminate risks and facilitate only funds increase.

Shares are good for trading because one can find more information on them compared to futures or bonds. While purchasing shares one can follow strategy of their retention for long time in order to sell them at a greater value when their price surges. However you must choose shares of the companies with perspective for the future development. In this case the game does not imply any manipulations. If your forecast for the future was correct then in a year or more you will receive interests thanks to share price growth. Only experiences analysts can make long-term forecasts. They successfully analyze development of not only the company but also national economy.

To trader it is important to have patience and not to panic when share prices go down. You can close the deal and record losses. But only qualified analysts know that decrease will definitely be followed with growth, they will wait and be eventually rewarded for their patience. Our trader's have ability to purchase shares at their price drop peak and sell them in the future at the maximum growth. At times investors try to figure out by themselves how to trade shares and what it takes. But they get a challenging path to learn: investor's rights; shareholder's interests; share types; securities market principles; basics of fundamental, statistical and technical analysis; trading tactics; stages of trading system development; capital management methods.

All the information must be learnt which requires a lot of time and efforts. Eventually this all is not enough if software programs are not established. Nowadays there are lots of them and it is not that easy to select the best tools. Therefore the best investor's investment to trading can be made through a proprietary trading company. "BEST US TOKEN" experts explored all listed factors of effective trading. That is why we can guarantee investors stable profit which ensures their funds growth without having investor put efforts.

Our company developed high practical value methods and approaches to trading. Share trading allows for more accurate forecasts. While studying the company to purchase its shares it is a must to research on not only macro, but also microeconomic indicators. One have to estimate risks carefully and to select effective tools.

We will guide you to in the trading world. You entrust us your funds and we purchase shares and sell them at the most beneficial moment. You are the one that gets a part of made profit. It all might appear simple but multiple hours of analytical actions stand behind that. For purchase we use only high potential shares of high liquidity with minimum risk at buying them.
After the Token Sale, tokens will be listed on a number of global cryptocurrency exchanges.

As the platform's trading turnover and the number of user requests from different countries increase, the number of exchanges the token is listed on will grow as well.

The team aims to be listed on more than 12 global cryptocurrency exchanges. Exchanges will allow token holders to instantly trade BEST Token for any liquid cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH).